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Entertainment 26 August, 2017


After an official tour abroad, Emmanuel Macron has decided to relax at le Touquet, in his family home. On-site, the president of the Republic has been besieged by onlookers.

During the three days, Emmanuel Macron and his wife are visited in turn by Austria, Romania and Bulgaria. Following this official visit, the presidential couple has decided to relax for a short weekend in his family estate of le Touquet. Has the Voice of The North, the tenant of the Élysée palace has been entrusted to be come in the Pas-de-Calais in order to ” have a good time with family and also work. However, once on site, the home of the successor of François Hollande has been mobbed by onlookers, very interested in the idea of seeing the president and his wife. On Saturday, around 12.30 pm, the couple finally left his home to dive into the crowd. Emmanuel Macron, dressed in a pair of jeans, a shirt without a tie and a leather jacket, took ten minutes to greet the more than passers-by as possible. Around him, the security officers kept watch over the grain.

It must be said that the members of the security Group of the presidency of the Republic (GSPR) are not particularly excited by the disposition of the property of le Touquet. Has to listen to them, the president of the Republic should avoid this place as long as it is in function. The men in charge of her protection not like the fact that the house is at this point exposed to the public at large and it overlooks one of the main streets of the seaside city. This summer, these remarks had driven Emmanuel and Bridget Macron to travel to Marseille during their short vacation. The couple had then been taken in by the prefect of the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur. Fortunately for everyone, the bath of crowd of Saturday has not experienced the slightest overflow. Emmanuel Macron can still quietly enjoy this haven of peace until Sunday evening, before having to rally in Paris, where new bonds are waiting.

Photo credit : Liewig Christian/ABACA

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