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Health 4 July, 2017


Edouard Philippe will vote on this Tuesday, July 4, his general policy speech before the national Assembly. After the speech of Emmanuel Macron to the Congress at Versailles, the Prime minister mocks the position of “subordinate” that it has been awarded.

Many have deemed as “humiliating ” for Édouard Philippe, the speech of President Emmanuel Macron before the Congress in Versailles on Monday 3 July 2017. An action highlighting “the hyperprésidentialisation” of the Republic. After the evocation of broad policy guidelines that the head of State wants to implement during his quinquennium and a quip that fell to the water, it is the turn of Edward Philippe of pronounce his general policy speech before the national Assembly on Tuesday 4 July 2017.

According to the newspaper The Parisien, the ex-mayor of le Havre enjoys a lot of the sayings that circulate after Emmanuel Macron has accelerated in the announcement of the reforms, including France, will be the object.”The question is not to know who is the boss or the employee. The president is the boss. Can you imagine Debré or Pompidou to say to de Gaulle : this is me the boss ?”, asks the leader of the government in private. And it is better to laugh than cry.”I feel bad, so bad. I have the butterflies in my stomach all morning, and the idea of work with this castrating” , quips it, before you seriously sell the quality of their collaboration : “Like me, he likes the discussion, the intellectual exchange. And more complex, weighted, we let the night to think about and we talk about it in the morning… But the final decision belongt.”

Recently, we have seen a Prime minister who was very moved during the tribute to the former minister of health Simone Veil who died last week at the age of 89 years. It will surely be less when the announcement of the policy guidelines of his government and the vote of confidence, which already seems to be widely acquired.

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