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Entertainment 21 December, 2017

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Emmanuel Macron will celebrate its anniversary at the Elysée palace to 18h. In just 40 years, the president has managed to score the imagination of the young.

It will blow the candles live from the Élysée to 18 hours today . At just 40 years old, with his tunes being a teenager and its expressions imaged, such as ” snake oil “, the president has become the political star of the school courses. Emmanuel Macron has called well in spite of him the imagination of children who started to imitate it in the recreation as soon as the presidential campaign after the famous sequence-throated and the arms in cross, to call his supporters to the general mobilization, Porte de Versailles. The couple disruptive that it forms with Brigitte Macron has also contributed to this reputation with young people. “Among the four presidential candidates that we had received in The Table on C8, tells the story of the creator of the show Caroline Delage, he appeared very at ease with this audience, sitting immediately astride a chair, at the height of the pupils “. (…)

Aware of the family sacrifices made by those who accompany him in his adventure in presidential time-consuming, he asked about regular experience of their loved ones, even younger. And he wished to congratulate personally by phone the daughter of his minister Christophe Castaner, and when she got her bac with distinction, at the end of the campaign that had so captured his father. He is well aware, according to those around, that the policy has nothing to do with a child’s play.

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