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Entertainment 16 August, 2017


The Elysée has just announced that Emmanuel Macron, on a vacation to Marseille, filed a complaint against a photographer who had penetrated within the precincts of private property.

For his first holiday ” presidential “, Emmanuel Macron, has filed a complaint for ” harassment and attempt of infringement of privacy ” against a news photographer who was following him on his vacation location, a-t we learned Tuesday at the Elysée palace. The photographer was introduced Sunday ” on private property ” where the head of State and his wife, Brigitte, in a district of Marseille, ” which has led to filing of a complaint “, has been provided to the Elysee, confirming information of VOD.


The weekly which comes to collect the testimony, exclusive of a photojournalist, just released from a police custody ” muscular ” after having a little too much follow-up to the presidential couple : “They searched my gear, my bags. I had to remove my shoe laces, my watch… I was treated like a criminal. “The photojournalist that the police officer asked to see the contents of the memory cards from his cameras and his computer : ” It is totally illegal. Can be doubt about what was in the computers of journalists. They made me understand that if I do coopérais not, I should wait until tomorrow morning to be able to get out. It was an intimidation. The goal was clearly to scare me.”


An interview with our colleagues concluded, by a cry of anger against the head of the State and its department of communication : “I understood that I was in the af and I would prefer to avoid finding myself in the hole. I am outraged and shocked by the method employed. It is believed that the president went to war with the press. “The Elysee has denied any pressure on the television crews stationed in front of the house occupied by the couple Macron :” This is not our way of working “.

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