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Entertainment 22 December, 2017

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While the Élysée wanted the rapid acquisition of an Airbus A319neo-purpose government, the controversy of the transport charges of the prime minister Edouard Philippe was pushed out of the command.

In recent days, the prime minister had been at the origin of a controversy regarding the expenditures of transportation after having chartered an airbus A340 luxuryis made of 100 seats, first class, one owner private, for the sum of 350,000 euros. This choice to return to New Caledonia, where he was present with his delegation made him win 2 hours of time. Interviewed by RTL on Wednesday, the prime minister was to assume a completely ” : “I acknowledge that the sums, as soon as one speaks of the displacement of the prime minister or the president, are always impressive (…) It is complicated to move the prime minister, and it is expensive. I fully understand the surprise and questions posed by French “.

But at a time when it is asked to make an effort to straighten out the finances of the state, the figure of the cost of the trip has been turning heads of the French, and aroused the anger. This is why the president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron would have pushed the order the Airbus A319neo destined to become ” the AirMacron One “. The plane for government use would cost between 130 and 150 million euros. To note that the Airbus chosen by Emmanuel Macron would still be less costly than the A330–200 that had acquired Nicolas Sarkozy from the time of his presidency, for the sum of 176 million euros.

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