Emmanuel Macron: fusional relationship with his wife, Brigitte Trogneux

Entertainment 24 November, 2016

According to friends, the Macron form a symbiotic couple.

brigitte-trogneux-emmanuel-macronEmmanuel Macron is its presence at his side. Brigitte, his wife, accompanies him in all the key moments of his political life. It will be this afternoon still with him for signing his “Revolution” book (the XO editions) in a Parisian Fnac.
His outsider to the political world is an asset to the now candidate for president. ” She keeps a capacity of surprise and wonder that makes touching, tells his friend the writer Philippe Besson. It is more transgressive than her husband and practice much self-mockery . ”
” He’s a very spontaneous and solar, adds the novelist. The opposite of a intriguing. She hates violence of that environment and that continues to surprise. It is more than he hurt by what was said. She knows that a lot of shots to be taken . ” For the best-selling writer who publish for the first time a autofiction next January, Emmanuel Macron would never have started in the presidential contest if his wife had told him no. A view shared by their friends Stéphane Bern or Bernard Montiel . ” It is a fusion torque, constantly connected, which is dedicated mutual admiration ,” he concluded. A duo march, therefore, hand in hand.