Emmanuel Macron, how he adapts his schedule to spend time with Brigitte and Gala

Entertainment 24 October, 2017


Despite his hectic schedule, Emmanuel Macron are doing everything to spend time with his wife Brigitte. He asked his staff not to make appointments before 9 o’clock in the morning, so that he has time to take his breakfast in the company of his wife.

Ten years after their marriage, Emmanuel and Bridget Macron are in love like the first day. And this is not the job of the time ultra responsible to the president of the Republic who should separate them. The head of State strives to spend time with his wife, and asked its staff not to make appointments before 9am, in order to make his traditional breakfast in the company of his tender joint. The presidential couple débriefe in the evening also, Emmanuel Macron does twilight not before 1h or 2h in the morning. And when they are geographically distant, ” they send SMS or make call sometimes, if only for a minute, to hear the other , “said Philippe Besson, a friend of Macron and author of the book a character in A novel, at the Gala, on newsstands this week. In short, the couple is inseparable. “It is his valve , “confirms a close. “She has kept his cheerfulness and joy of life. It is a force for him to know happy.

Emmanuel and Bridget Macron have celebrated their 10 years of marriage Sunday, October 22. The president, then travel to Brussels for a meeting of the european Council, has joined his wife at the end of the day to spend an evening of the most romantic in the pavilion of the Lantern, the residence State located not far from the castle of Versailles. Wedding tin-celebrated in style !

Find the whole story in the magazine Gala, on newsstands Wednesday, 25 October.

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