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Entertainment 26 August, 2017


The softness of the spray is already far away to Emmanuel Macron wipes now the wrath of the prime minister of poland.

After a summer parenthesis in the heart of the phocean city, Emmanuel Macron has réendaussé his costume of president. First mission of the new school year : a tour of eastern Europe, with Brigitte Macron at his side, to convince the leaders to review the posted workers directive. Text that allows european companies to do work for any citizen of the EU, while paying the social charges in the country of origin of the employee temporary. A “social dumping” against which the French president is mounted in the niche.

If an agreement could be concluded by the end of the year with some of his counterparts, as he revealed after the end of its travel, it is without counting on Beata Szydlo. The first Polish minister has shown absolutely refractory to this idea. An attitude that the president did not fail to comment : “The Polish people deserve better than this, and the first minister will have a lot of trouble to explain that it is proper to evil to pay the Polish”.

It was too much for the ultra-conservative who is eager to tackle Emmanuel Macron in an interview with the media nationalist wpolityce. “Perhaps his statements arrogant are they due to his lack of experience and political practice, what I observe with understanding, but I expect it to catch up rapidly these gaps and that it is in the future more reserved “. A response to the vitriole that it continues by intimating the French president to sweep in front of his door. I advise mr. President that he will attend to the affairs of his country, he will then perhaps have the same economic results and the same level of security to its citizens than those guaranteed by Poland.” Definitely, the cloth burns between Paris and Warsaw.

Emmanuel Macron

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