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Entertainment 21 December, 2017


The president of the Republic to celebrate its 40 years this Thursday, December 21. For the occasion, Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte are expected to dine at the restaurant with some friends, according to an information of the Parisian.

This Thursday, 21 December, Emmanuel Macron celebrates 40 years. According to some rumors, the young president had chosen the castle of Chambord to celebrate his birthday. This was not finally the case. The presidential couple had made a short stay with family in the Loir-et-Cher to celebrate Christmas a little early. That will then make the president of the Republic for his birthday party ? Difficult to know in details how will take place the event.

Emmanuel Macron has nevertheless given a hint about his birthday party in live in the show Baba Noel presented by Cyril Hanouna.Has the joke of the presenter, who had sent Marilyn to the Elysée palace to wish a happy birthday to the president, the latter replied amused : “I know that you have sent Marilyn to the Elysée. I hope they have not caught cold. I have my Marilyn to me so it is with her that I’m going to celebrate my birthday, it’s Brigitte “.

The president of the Republic will celebrate its forty years alongside his wife. They, however, must not be in head-to-head. According to information from Paris, relatives who expressed surprise not to be invited to celebrate the birthday of the head of State at the castle of Chambord, would have received an invitation on their mobile phone. “A text message, inviting him to a dinner on the 21st of December, the day of the forty years of the chair in a parisian restaurant,” we read in the columns of the journal.The place and the loved ones chosen by the presidential couple at the moment remain a mystery.

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