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Entertainment 12 January, 2018


This risk of arousing curiosity. Emmanuel Macron, a teenager, is said to have written a novel, ” a little pig “. Better : he would express his feelings to the one that was not even Brigitte Macron…

Emmanuel Macron, the author of erotic novels ? In his youth, yes, if we are to believe an old neighbor of Brigitte Macron, interviewed by the magazine Closer. A typist, she would have been approached by the teen, who was then only 16 years old, to make its work rather… risqué. “I knew him from the neighborhood and, one day, he asked me to type in the three hundred pages of a book he came to write,” she explains.It was a novel dare, a small little pig ! The names were of course not the same but I think that it was necessary that he expresses what he felt at the time. “

This novel, the neighbor, was unfortunately preserved no copy, would contain, under the cover of anonymity of the passages devoted to the budding romance between the future president and the one who was still at the time Brigitte Auzière. It is easy to imagine that any copy of this unpublished work may sell at a very high price. And that Emmanuel and Bridget Macron would be more tempted to prevent the marketing.

Emmanuel Macron is not the only member of the government to be versed in prose erotic : his Prime minister, Édouard Philippe is the co-author of In the shadow, a polar sometimes dared to come out in 2011. Besides Marlène Schiappa, who also wrote erotic novels.

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