Emmanuel Macron wants to do to change the bed of the residence of the Lantern at Versailles Gala

Entertainment 28 August, 2017


If the Lantern is a place that is peaceful and secluded from prying eyes, the decoration is not necessarily to the liking of the president of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. This last would have even asked that the bed be changed…

Initially made available to the Prime minister, the location of the most secret of the Republic is today and has been since the mandate of Nicolas Sarkozy, reserved for the head of the State. The former hunting lodge adjacent to the park of the château de Versailles is the ideal place for the couple Macron. Isolated, easy to secure and not far from Paris, this hotel built two years before the Revolution offers a true haven of peace for the president of the Republic and his wife. Only here, this property needs to be refitted after significant flooding caused by the malfunction of the hot water tank. And that’s not all, according to the Figaro, Emmanuel Macron would have also specified that the bed is changed. A piece of furniture not really easy to move : ” Raymond Barre (prime minister from 1976 to 1981) and receives a bed, that it is necessary to disassemble at his departure, then back down to the pulley by the window, his frame could not go through the window “, explained Emilie Lanez, a journalist with the Point and the author of The bachelor of the Republic (source Le Figaro).

Since the beginning of its mandate, Emmanuel Macron has already spent a few days in this residence safe from prying eyes. And in the face of onlookers, dozens of CRS have continued to browse the site to secure the area. The latter also contains a swimming pool of 19 meters long, as well as a tennis court. After octrôyé a few days of vacation in Marseille with his wife Brigitte Macron, the president of the Republic may initiate his back, which already promises to be difficult. And to relax, Emmanuel Macron will be able to organize a trip to Versailles, the residence of the Lantern, now decorated to his taste.

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