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Health 3 July, 2017


Manupiter to Versailles “, the title Release on a Monday. For the speech of Emmanuel Macron to the parliamentarians at Versailles, the newspaper chose an image of shock. The viewers reacted.

Body of Greek god ultra muscular who wields bolts of lightning, Emmanuel Macron, is transformed into ‘Manupiter” for a Release this Monday morning. “Emmanuel Macron speaks today in front of the Congress. The first act of a presidency without sharing “, as the daily. The created image to any room with the face of the president and the body of Jupiter coupled with the word “suitcaseManupiter” formed by the nickname of Emmanuel Macron, and the blase of the king of the gods have been the reaction of the internet users. “Manupiter it slams much more than a simple Jupiter. Many have found it to be too daring on the part of the log : “Either one is in the bashing the more disgusting, there is in idolatry malaisante” . Some recalled the one of the newspaper Libération on may 7, the old the second round of the presidential election : “Do what you want, but vote Macron“, to point out the contradiction.

This representation of Emmanuel Macron refers to the folder of the magazine The Point, “”Jupiter” at the Elysée palace” , dating from the 8juin last, as well as to his own statement, dating back to October 2016 for the magazine Challenges , in which he claimed to want to be a president ” jupiter : “For me, the presidential function in France contemporary democratic must be exercised by someone who, without deeming it to be the source of all things, must lead the company with strength of convictions, actions and giving a clear sense to his approach.” Emmanuel Macron opposes the president ” normal “, embodied by François Hollande.

In the framework royal of the Castle of Versailles, Emmanuel Macron speaks to 15 hours on 3 July before the two chambers of Parliament meeting. He will deliver ” his vision of the mandate that opens, to evoke its action, the challenges it intends to address “, one can read on the site of the Point, informed by the Elysée. This great discourse, which tends to become a “ritual ” annual has not been dubbed by all. Christian Jacob, the leader of the deputies LR fears ” a power without sharing. France insubordinate and communist mps decided to boycott the event. “Manupiter” may, however, count on the support of his ” Juno “, Brigitte Macron, faithful to the ” most beautiful president of the Fifth. ”

“Manupiter at Versailles : the one of “Liberation.” pic.twitter.com/7uw0UrDOxS

— Cyril Small (@CyrilPetit) July 2, 2017

He’ll have to explain your problem @libe… #versailles#CongresVersailles#manupiter#jupiterpic.twitter.com/jG7bxuSzMH

— Nicolas Marlin (@NMarlin_) July 2, 2017

Either one is in the bashing the more disgusting, there is in idolatry malaisante.
We like the media to be reasonable we…

— Ursus Arctos (@Landdry_) July 2, 2017

“Manupiter “
But hey, come EVEN to criticize the small grannies sarkozystes, they are so much more moderate than you in comparison

— Niki (@NikiShey) July 2, 2017

#Manupiter we want to make an album of crazy mdrr #Vengeancepic.twitter.com/0V50BJCHxM

— #IBD (@Armo2k) July 3, 2017Emmanuel Macron

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