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Entertainment 24 January, 2018


Emmanuelle Béart has released a photo of the A Release Monday 22 January. The actress questioned the government after having read the open letter of the writer Yann Moix to the president of the Republic on the treatment of the migrants of Calais.

The celebrities take at times of news and use their fame to challenge political power. Tuesday, January 23, Emmanuelle Béart has posted on his account Instagram a snapshot of A Release dating back to the Monday, January 22. “Mr. president, you let to perpetrate criminal acts … “. These are the words of the writer Yann Moix wrote an open letter to Emmanuel Macron on the condition of migrants in Calais in the log.

In the commentary, the actress expresses her desire to see a reaction in the government’s response to this news. “#CALAIS #calais #france #shame #shame @moixyann @liberationfr “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter” (Our lives to cease the day we become silent in the face of such things”) #martinlutherking #refugees #exile #exile Yann Moix has been on the field, he has filmed, he saw, he said ! “Many people have supported and sustained the actress in their comments.

Emmanuelle Béart is not the first artist to use her fame to make react to the political world. Last November, Louane, Florence Foresti, or even Agnès Jaoui have reacted to the case of Weinstein and have arrested the head of State in an open letter published in the Sunday Newspaper. They proposed several measures to fight sexual violence against women to make things change. Very politicized, Pamela Anderson has also already committed to the cause of migrants in Calais, in defense of animals, and also to Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, resident in the embassy of Ecuador in London. The singer Rihanna, ambassador for the Unicef funds for education, she met Brigitte Macron at the Elysée palace, in July 2017, after petitioning the French government on Twitter.

#CALAIS #calais #france #shame #shame @moixyann 👏🏼 @liberationfr 👊🏼 “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter” #martinlutherking 🙏🏻#refugees #exile #exile Yann moix has been on the field he filmed it saw it said !

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