Emmanuelle Beart poses with Nelly, the girl she had with Daniel Auteuil

Entertainment 21 November, 2016

Rather discreet about his private life, Emmanuelle Beart shared this weekend a soft shot where she poses with his daughter, Nelly.

emmanuelle-beartIt attracts light , but so far, Emmanuelle Beart is discreet. Also, when sharing photos on social networks , the actress evokes culture, fashion, film, or even thought, but it fails to give to see his private life, and even more that of his close . If she had agreed to participate in a joint interview with his eldest daughter, Nelly, for the magazine The last few months, we had never seen the two women to pose together and expose publicly.
For the 24 th anniversary of Nelly, the fruit of her love with Daniel Auteuil, Emmanuelle Béart shared a soft shot two of them , along with a legend full of sweetness. “24 Happy, I love you my The Nana” . Cheek to cheek, both women pose for a selfie. In their big blue eyes, we read the joy and pleasure of being together. If we distinguish the good from each other, it is however difficult not to see the connection between them. Same features infants, same magnetic, very greedy mouths looks, each in his own way yet found its way to shine .
And to be sure not to step on the flat strips of his mother, Nelly, less confident and confided that does not feel sexy, chose a different path than that of cinema as both parents. It will be soon lawyer .