Emotional dependence is a real personality disorder that is accessible to a treatment

Health 9 December, 2017


Published the 09.12.2017 at 08h05


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When the relationship with his partner becomes the most important thing, to the detriment of all other activities of daily living, either social life, or professional, there may be an emotional dependency and it is a true disorder of the personality.
This disorder recognized by the DSM, the manual diagnosis of the psychiatrists, is also common in men than in women. It occurs in general as a teenager, sometimes in a context that is emotionally difficult, such as parents ‘ divorce, or a breakup.

Learn to recognize the signs

It is not always easy to tell the difference between a simple fear of loneliness, or separation, and a real emotional dependence. However, some signs do not deceive :

• The inability to take any decision without the other ;

• The intense fear of abandonment and loneliness with a feeling of devastation when a relationship ends ;

• A lack of self-confidence and the conviction of not being able to go it alone ;

• Put the needs of his partner before his own.

How to treat the personality disorder dependent ?

When all of these signs are met and that there is a suffering, professional help is necessary. Psychotherapy focuses on the negative thoughts and lack of self-esteem. The therapist helps the addict to gradually take decisions for itself in order to detach from the other.

Even if it is generally a lifelong condition, managing his stress and his daily life with the help of a psychologist can react differently within the relationship. Learn to be by himself and to overcome his fears takes time, but allows you to keep your bond healthy and harmonious for the couple.