Empire season 3: Episode 10, a new bloody promo for the return of the series!

A few weeks after the return of Empire season 3, FOX unveils a new bloody promo for episode 10!
The wait is long! While we were showing you a completely WTF promo video, where Cookie beat Lucious, for the return of Empire’s season 3 , the FOX network is stepping up the promotion and now offers us a new trailer, entitled “You Can not Deny Destiny ” . To the sound of “Be Your Love” by Bishop Briggs (an artist whom the production seems to love a lot), we see again Cookie, with his bat, wandering in the corridors of the Empire, Is possible to destroy. We saw it, Lucious will also pay the price of Cookie’s fury and receive a bat. Yet, even if the blood sinks, It would seem that this moment brings our cursed lovers closer together . Then, back fire between the parents of Andre, Jamal and Hakeem? It would seem that the past remembers them!
In addition to reminding us that the next episode will be proposed on March 22, the video promo ensures us that there will be great question of love in the next episodes. Anika and Angelo should see with a very bad eye the resumption of the relationship between Cookie and Lucious and we can expect vicious twists and turns. Between stories of love, shenanigans and judicial inquiries, the next intrigues announce themselves loaded in highlights . Still a few weeks to hold before finding the family Lyon and Eva Longoria, who joins the cast of season 3 of Empire! What do you think of this video promo?

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