Empire season 3: Episode 10, tonight the Lyon come back, everything you need to know about the rest of the series

Cinema 22 March, 2017

The Lyon are finally back, tonight, in the episode 10 of the season 3 of Empire. Discover everything you need to know about “Sound & Fury”!
In Episode 9 of Empire’s Season 3, Andre set in motion a tragic plan to recover the family business but mostly to avenge Rhonda by destroying Anika. Will the eldest sibling even go so far as to kill his father with Shine’s help? Will Cookie forgive Lucious for the trap he handed Angelo? The next episodes look as dark as they are intense. Tonight, in episode 10 of the Empire season 3 titled “Sound & Fury” , Hakeem and Tiana will team up against Nessa . Takeem once again got closer but that does not mean that they will immediately reconnect. On the contrary, it will be difficult for them to maintain a relationship. ” Tiana is still doing music so she is focused on her career. This is the biggest thing for her, even more so than Hakeem. She’s just trying to figure out what she feels for Hakeem, “said Serayah, the singer’s interpreter at Hollywood Life . The actress confessed that her character liked the rapper but that he Now a child obviously complicated matters.
For his part, Bryshere Y. Gray, Hakeem’s interpreter, said he wants “Tiana for Life” . That seems to be encouraging for fans of the couple Takeem. The actor definitely thinks they are endgame in Empire . If he admits that his character will have trouble juggling between his career and his role as a father, Bella ripens Hakeem. “Mentally, he tries to grow up, he has a daughter, he makes her grow, he loses her and he risks everything to get her back, ” the actor said. After Laura, Tiana has a new rival, Nessa who is none other than Andre’s girlfriend in Empire Season 3 . For Serayah, her character has finally found someone at her height. The star has announced upcoming quarrels. In Episode 10 of Empire’s Season 3 , Jamal will become friends with the musician Tory Ash, played by Rumer Willis during his stay in detox . The singer and the young woman will soon become close. “He finds comfort and understanding in Tory Ash, who has gone through more things than he has, and maybe he finds a friend ,” Jussie Smollett said before asserting That Jamal “is ready to resume work”. “I think what we see is that he is fighting his demons, he ‘s like the phoenix, fighting his demons and fighting his demons, it makes him feel really better or thinks he’ We’ll have to see what happens .
Jussie Smollett also revealed that in Season 3 of the Empire , Jamal will not really choose aside in the battle between Lucious and Cookie. Yes, the two producers will still be at war and this is going to be epic. Cookie intends to deprive her ex-husband of his throne after he has attacked his boyfriend, Angelo. Jussie Smolett also gave some clues about the continuation of the season 3 of Empire and in particular the Season Finale. “Everything is made for the fans to fall in love with the series, you laugh, you cry, you are angry, you are amused, but in the end it remains a family. All in dramas, we are just life. ” , He said. It promises ! We’ll give you a rendezvous, this evening, to discover the Mid-Season Premiere of the season 3 of Empire. Meanwhile, do not miss the details about Eva Longoria who will soon join the cast of the series! And do you look forward to Episode 10 of Empire’s Season 3?