Empire season 3: Episode 10, when will it be broadcast? The official date finally unveiled!

Cinema 12 January, 2017

We finally know when Episode 10 of Empire’s Season 3 will air! Discover the fateful date right now.
Wednesday, December 14, the FOX broadcast the ninth episode of the third season of Empire. A stunning final fall that left us with many questions about the future of our favorite characters . One recalls that Jamal was sent a detox center ‘, which Andrew plotted behind his father and aims to kill him and take control of Empire and that Cookie no longer has confidence in Angelo after The revelations of Lucious. In short, episode 9 of season 3 of Empire whose criticism is available , we put water in the mouth and we longed to know when the show was going to make his return. Yes, the meltynauts, we did not know when episode 10 was going to be released, but now it is done since the FOX announced yesterday the broadcast date of the next episode of the series of Lee Daniels.
So next Wednesday, March 22 the first spring of the Empire Season 3 will be proposed to the US on FOX . So we have to wait another two months before finding the Lyons and their intrigues under tension. As much to say that in the editing of melty, one does not hold in place. Fortunately for us, the other set of Empire creator entitled “Star” is currently airing on FOX . It is a show quite similar to the latter and it allows us not to think too much about its absence. So we make appointments at the end of March for the return of the family Lyon! Are you looking forward to the show?