Empire season 3: Episode 16, Lucious still gives up Cookie, our critic

Cinema 12 May, 2017

While the Lyons fought the Dubois, Cookie tried to bring Giuliana down in episode 16 of the Empire season 3. Discover the criticism of “Absent Child”!
Last night, the Lyon were ready for anything to recover Bella in episode 16 of the season 3 of Empire . For Lucious and his family, there is no doubt that the daughter of Hakeem and Anika was abducted because of the Dubois. Are Angelo and Diane really guilty? Melty’s editorial reveals her review of Episode 16 of Empire’s Season 3 . “Absent Child” opens on the Lyon family, except Hakeem, confronting the Dubois family. Thirsty explains why Lucious and her loved ones think Angelo and Diane are responsible and demand that Bella be returned to her family. The tone rises, the spirits warm up until Anika asks in tears for her daughter to be returned. If Diane seems touched, the Dubois camp on positions. Are they innocent? No matter, they are now at war with the Lyons. At the police station, a policeman announces to Anika and Hakeem that unfortunately they will not be able to see Bella again for a long time. If Cookie thinks that staying together will make them stronger, Thristy advises Anika to divorce Lucious to prove she has good intentions to find Bella and get away from the Lyon family. Meanwhile, Cookie takes charge of her granddaughter but also about Vegas thanks to Shine and Andre in Empire season 3 . She plans to counter Lucious with Jamal’s album. Meanwhile, for his remix, Lucious works with Tyree, a rapper who has just been shot,
Lucious puts a diaper on his son’s attitude after his accident. But the singer has no advice to receive from a man who has never experienced a similar situation and is to blame for the disappearance of Bella. If we like to see Jamal face his father, we must admit that the scene where Tyree bleeds from his 4 wounds while singing is one of the most WTF of the series. While Anika hesitates to sign the divorce papers, she finds herself trapped by Andre who accuses her of the murders of her baby and Rhonda . If the young woman encourages him to kill her, he prefers to watch her suffer … like him in season 3 of Empire . Meanwhile , Cookie proposes to Marcone the album of Jamal rather than Inferno . If this could be a good point for the whole family, Andre gets out of his hinges again and refuses to work with Lucious. For his part, Hakeem exposes the Dubois on Empire XStream . Yet Diane swears to Angelo that she has nothing to do with Bella being taken. If she plans to attack the rapper for defamation, she will have to confront the fans of Hakeem who ask that Bella finds his father in season 3 of Empire . As for Lucious, he is angry with his granddaughter and asks Leah if he is a good father. “You’re not even a good person ,” she replies. Sometimes Leah surpasses Cookie in terms of punchlines! Everything is said in this sentence! Later, It is a sweeter Leah who assures his son that he does not need to feel guilty of the death of his father. Lucious should focus on the light he brought into the world, Jamal.
Lucious decides to trust his son because his music is the future and the legacy of Empire . It’s not too soon ! As for Cookie, she does not go by 4 ways so that Angelo confesses that it is at the origin of the rapture of Bella. Cookie hits but Angelo keeps saying he’s innocent . Later, Empire ‘s co-CEO tries to convince Lucious that Jamal’s album is better for Vegsa but Giuliana has not said her last word. She has already informed Lucious of Cookie’s plan and the producer intends to stick to her original plan. Finally, while Diane takes care of poor Angelo, she introduces the new member of their family: Bella. Cookie’s former boyfriend is as shocked as we are, We were really beginning to believe that Diana was innocent . Will Bella find her true family again? This war could continue until the Season Finale. We expected better for this episode. “Absent Child” was not exceptional but still pleasant to watch. If some scenes are too much and without interest, others were very intense especially at the beginning of the episode. The silence was important and powerful, it added to the dramatic character of the episode of the musical series. We admit that we preferred the Cookie badass this week rather than last week. Before discovering the continuation of the fight of the Lyon against the Dubois, from Wednesday next, discover also the spoilers of the week .