Empire season 3: Episode 16 tonight, the Lyon are ready for anything for Bella

Cinema 10 May, 2017

This evening, the Lyon will try to find poor Bella in episode 16 of the season 3 of Empire so that it is reunited with Hakeem and Anika!
We still can not believe it! Last week, in episode 15 of the Empire season 3, everything collapsed for Hakeem, Anika and the Lyons family . While it was thought that Lucious, Cookie and the others had finally settled all their problems, it was only calm before the storm. Child welfare services seized Bella, the daughter of Hakeem and Anika, after receiving an appeal testifying to the ill-treatment of the Lyons family towards the baby. But who is behind these shenanigans in the Empire season 3 ? Lucious and Cookie will soon suspect Diane and Angelo Dubois. The latter did not appreciate the response of Empire’s co-CEO when he requested it in marriage. Angelo has promised to take revenge! But is the mayor really guilty? Tonight, in episode 16 of season 3 of Empire , the Lyon will be ready for anything to find the responsible and make pay!
The war between the Lyons and the Dubois is far from over in the third season of Empire . In “Absent Child,” Lucious and his family will try to get answers but it will be very difficult to prove that the Dubois are behind the accusations of abuse against Bella. Thus, Cookie will not delay taking things in hand! As much to say that it will heat! However, Angelo is not the only one to be angry with Lyon . It should not be forgotten that in attacking Bella, Tariq would have his revenge on Lucious but especially on Anika. Moreover, Andre could continue to put sticks in his father’s wheels. Was he able to attack his own niece? Nothing is impossible ! You will be given an appointment, as of this evening, to know more. Meanwhile, discover also the spoilers of the week ! And you, are you eager to discover Episode 16 of Empire’s Season 3?