Empire Season 3: Episode 5, a huge clash in Lyon, our criticism

Cinema 10 November, 2016

After three weeks of absence, Season 3 Empire was back last night on FOX. Discover our review of the 3×05 entitled “Another One Before!”

empire-saison-3-episode-5-3x05-vostfr-streamingThe Lyon are back and better than ever! Nearly a month after the release of 3×04, the Empire Season 3 made his comeback last night on FOX, which proposed Episode 5 , entitled “Another One Before” . And we were not disappointed: scathing replicas signed Cookie (big up to the scene where she berates Hakeem), music on top, comeback Anika (in fashion business woman) and above all a good dose of drama … everything was there! We start with THE most drama queen sequence of the episode, namely Lucious that sets up a XXL safety device to go to the doctor with Anika, hidden behind a scarf and big sunglasses. Again, the series is not afraid to make a ton, but also for its over the top side that gets off Empire ! Especially at the same time, armed Shyne arrives at Andre to threaten him, and he falls on Nessa … Meanwhile, Jamal prepares his comeback and Cookie is one step closer to Angelo, in just a few short minute episode takes us into the world apart from Lyon! Empire is back and it feels good!

At the heart of the 5 episode of the third season of Empire : the XStream Live Show – to believe that Lyon have invested the billboard on Times Square. For the occasion, Jamal and Hakeem preparing a duet together, the excellent “Over Everything” , but nothing goes as planned. Just before going on stage, Hakeem, which was erased too far in this season , is up by Lucious head. And there was almost the impression of having found the Empire Season 1, in the sense that we Cookie & Jamal on one side, then Lucious & Hakeem another. . Family Lyon is ultra divided, giving rise to a settlement of explosive accounts in full live under the eyes of the world One would attend a US reality television – the Kardashians have competition – as this clash is orchestrated . This scene points to a music industry (a company?) Where the buzz, conflict and scandal have become the watchwords. Lucious hopes to take advantage of the misfortunes of his family again. Fortunately Cookie is there to say stop to the cameras.

This week the love triangle between Lucious, Cookie and Angelo still draws a little more. The candidate for mayor of New York has understood who his opponent is willing to fight: “I speak to fight for you,” says Angelo Cookie. Their relationship is so cute and endearing, like that formed by Andre and Nessa. This Empire is very successful as a whole 3×05, despite some inconsistencies, such as the fact that Shyne shows up at Andre with an unloaded gun or yet he makes an agreement as quickly and easily with Lucious. Anyway, finally we understand that it has little intention to stop there, when we see Tariq talk about Freda and Frank Gathers. What had happened: the two villains of the season are about to team together. Finally, the pitch Lucious to Hakeem, about human nature and the fact of “kill or be killed” is the seen and reviewed in the series but is fairly representative of the episode. Empire wants more dark, why not? For now, it works … To be continued! And talk about Tiana who does not love his song “Me” ? Weird. The meltynautes, what did you think of the episode 3×05 Empire?