Empire Season 3: Episode 6, Cookie naked on stolen photos in a sneak peek of “Chimes at Midnight”!

Cinema 11 November, 2016

Next week, in episode 6 of the Empire Season 3, the label will be hacked and stolen photos of Cookie will surface. Here’s a sneak peek explosive!
As we approach the mid-season finale, the tension is at its height in Empire ! Not only the Lyon family is threatened from all sides, but it will face a violation of his privacy from next week, in episode 6 of season 3. In fact, Empire Entertainment will hack and all company emails will be disclosed to the public. But that’s not all! Stolen pictures of Cookie, completely naked, as will surface on the canvas . “The Cookie cookies are all over the Internet!” Tease Jussie Smollett (Jamal). Suffice to say that after the huge clash between Lyon, in the Empire 3×05 , these pictures may well revive tensions between Cookie and Lucious (or not?)!
In episode 3×06 Empire, entitled “Chimes at Midnight”, Cookie will also talk about his past Angelo and put the warning on its dark secrets, secrets that could threaten the country’s candidate for mayor of New York. ” There are things about me that your opponent can use, and it will use the (…) I could not digest the fact that you lose the election because of me, ” says the matriarch of Lyon Angelo, in the following excerpt -above. She will be compromised because their relationship secret of Lyon? Speaking of relationships, Jamal will approach again D-Major next week. And again, Jamal bad decisions could well cost him dear … There is then a scene showing the totally unconscious singer, by dint of mixing alcohol and drugs . Jamal is in there will come out? Answer Wednesday, November 16 on FOX ! The meltynautes, do you wait to see episode 6 of the Empire Season 3?