Empire Season 3: Episode 6, Cookie talks about his past Angelo in the promo video for “Chimes at Midnight”!

Cinema 10 November, 2016

Is Cookie ready to reveal his darkest secrets to Angelo? In any case we suggest the promotion of Empire 3×06 video!

empire-saison-3-episode-6-3x06-vostfr-streamingSo a huge clash broke out in Lyon in episode 5 of the Empire season 3 , aired last night on FOX, the relationship between Cookie and Angelo has become increasingly serious. The candidate for mayor of New York said he was ready to fight for his beloved, even if it meant facing the almighty Lucious Lyon. But Angelo can he ignore the dark past of Cookie ? for if one believes the promo video of 3×06 of Empire , which will be offered Wednesday, November 16 on American television, the matriarch of Lyon could make some confidences to her boyfriend! “There are things to About my past that you do not even imagine, ” says Cookie Angelo in the trailer, available below.

The relationship between Jamal and Cookie should also be tested in this episode, titled “Chimes at Midnight” , as we see in these first images: “Can you tell me if you love me, you do not have. lie to me ” coward Jamal to his mother. Say what? To recall, in the Empire 3×06, the label will hack and leakage will cause conflicts between the Empire Entertainment artists, but also between Lyon . Andre take the opportunity to succeed at the game and show how it is essential to society. And while Jamal will end in the middle of a love triangle, Lucious attempt away Cookie Angelo. Until we have more information, see the latest revelations of Lee Daniels on his new musical series Star, which would be “much darker than Empire” ! The meltynautes, do you think that Cookie will even reveal its secrets darkest Angelo?