Empire Season 3: Episode 6, hacking, separations and Lyon in danger of death, our criticism

Cinema 17 November, 2016

Episode 6 of Season 3 Empire was aired last night on FOX. Discover immediately our critique of “Chimes at Midnight”!

empire-saison-3-episode-6-vostfr-streamingAfter a particularly successful 3×05, the Empire Season 3 continued last night on FOX, with the broadcast of episode 6 titled “Chimes at Midnight” . In the spotlight: the hacking of Empire Entertainment. He had to, one day or another, the series of Lee Daniels tackles this subject. Especially in society today, where artists have to be vigilant if they wish to protect their work! Except that there are not that securities Tiana and Jamal fuitent, ALL messages of Empire Entertainment members are disclosed. With that, the secrets of the Lyon family find themselves exposed, including “cookies” Cookie … Moreover, the scene where all the label discovers the dirty picture of Cookie is undoubtedly one of our favorite episode , as it is outrageous and hilarious at the same time . The Empire as we like! But there is not that good in this episode …

… Starting with the character of Hakeem! However much love the youngest of the Lyon family, there is not really spoiled level storylines this season. Only 2 or 3 episodes after retaliated as Gram that he “stung” Tiana (separating in this episode, btw), Hakeem is now angry against Andre, who has “looped” Nessa . Not very consistent, all that! Especially when you consider how Hakeem was madly in love with Laura at the end of Season 2 … It is a pity that the failure of their marriage is not exploited more this season, and it’s even more unfortunate that Laura had left Empire . The young woman was not just an interesting character, it was also a drunk singing talent. Côté love, also it’s hard to understand that Andre do mourn Rhonda as fast. Already the pretty blonde was not entitled to a funeral or to farewell worthy of the name in the series … See where the writers want to come with the couple Andre-Nessa (found very cute , Nevertheless).
In any case, there is quite a turnaround, when you discover that Andre was behind the hacking. He allied with Vaughn (French Montana) to hack Empire Entertainment, prove to his father that he was the man for the job and get promotion this year. The writers are strong with this one final stage, and we are excited to see what they reserve for Andre to the rest of the season … When Empire is hack, Cookie breaks with Angelo, lest his political campaign suffers . An extremely difficult decision for her … The Cookie Angelo couple is clearly one of the strengths of this third season, simply because it feels good to see the matriarch of Lyon as happy and fulfilled, alongside a man who treats her like a queen and takes care of it – sorry not sorry Lucious. Big up to the scene where Angelo undresses for her sister on TV! This is great! A true gentleman!
Finally, impossible to complete the review without talking about Jamal. In addition to finding the center of a love triangle, the young man is in danger, again this week. By dint of mixing alcohol and drugs, it vanishes (without making an overdose). We hope this blackout allow Jamal to take over and to stop doing anything, especially after we have offered a sublime musical performance in the previous episode. In the end, Empire 3×06 delivers a pretty good overall, but below the 3×05 . First, because our expectations were probably a bit too high, relative to the history of hacking. Indeed, we would have liked that more dark secrets are revealed. In addition, Anika was not entitled to very interesting scenes in this episode, she has become a major asset of the show. Finally, Hakeem deserves better, level intrigues … Until then, discover the revelations of Lee Daniels on his new musical series Star, which would be “much darker than Empire” ! The meltynautes, what did you think of the episode 3×06 Empire?