Empire Season 3: Episode 7, Cookie makes a shocking confession in the promo video for “What We May Be”!

Cinema 18 November, 2016

Episode 7 of the Empire Season 3 will be released in two weeks on FOX. In the meantime, discover the intense and moving trailer of “What We May Be”!

empire-saison-2-empire-2x10-episode-10-winterEmpire (yet) a break! Next week will celebrate Thanksgiving Americans and American television channels almost always change their programming for the occasion. Therefore, FOX will not propose new episode of Empire next Wednesday. We’ll have to wait until November 30 to see the further adventures of the Lyon family . Fortunately, the promo video is there to make us wait! While Cookie broke with Angelo in the Empire 3×06 last night, the two lovebirds finally give another chance to their history. In episode 7, Cookie meet Diane, mother of Angelo, and seek advice Candace to organize the best dinner in family possible.
At the same time, old family videos will resurface the secrets of the past of Cookie! The matriarch of Lyon had a special relationship with his father and has not told the whole truth to his children. We can also hear him confide in the promo video: “My dad was my life … until I meet Lucious” . What happened ? What Cookie hid her son? And above all, why? A first preview episode causes us to believe that things have gone wrong for Cookie’s father, Lucious and that might be something to do … During that time, Andre arrange a duo completely unexpected. Meanwhile, discover the amazing revelations of Lee Daniels on his new musical series Star, he presents as the anti-Empire ! The meltynautes, in your opinion, has hidden her son Cookie?