Empire Season 3: Episode 7, why has it not been aired last night?

Cinema 24 November, 2016

Lyon family was not at the rendezvous last night on FOX. But why did she not broadcast the channel episode 7 of the Empire Season 3?

empire-season-3-saison-3-episode-7-3x07-pasThe Lyon like to make us wait! If two weeks ago they were finally back, we have not been able to discover more about the shocking confession of Cookie in episode 7 of season 3 of Empire. “What We May Be” was not actually aired last night on FOX. If Lyon will obviously be back, next week, why this episode was not it on the air last night? Like many series normally broadcast in the evening of Wednesday, Empire was not put on the air. If FOX could have easily regale us with a new episode of the musical series, the chain probably preferred to postpone the broadcast of episode 7 of Season 3 Empire until next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. the majority of the American public is probably preparing to celebrate the famous turkey day.
Thanksgiving is an important holiday in the United States, FOX may have thought that most viewers would be busy enjoying the holidays and family rather than sitting on their couch to watch this new episode of the season 3 Empire . The hearings would then have largely been revised downwards, the chain must have wanted to avoid that. Next week in “What We May Be” , Cookie will try to impress the mother of her new boyfriend, Angelo . But it will not be easy when some old videos resurface. As for Andre, he will introduce a duo of two artists we never imagined seeing work together. Waiting to find the Lyon family, from the Wednesday November 30 , (re) discover also our review of episode 6 of season 3 of Empire . Then the meltynautes, tell us everything, have seen wait to discover episode 7 of the Empire season 3?