Empire Season 3: Episode 9, Andre starts his tragic plan our critical

Cinema 15 December, 2016

Andre has hidden his game but revealed his morbid map in episode 9 of season 3 of Empire. Discover our review of “A Furnace for Your Foe?”!
Last night, Jamal, Hakeem and Andre were they opposed to Cookie in episode 9 of season 3 of Empire? Lucious was a bombshell by revealing that he had murdered Frank Gathers because his ex-wife had asked. This Fall Finale has he lived up to our expectations? The editorial of melty you to discover the critical episode 9 of season 3 of Empire. “A Furnace for Your Foe?” Opens on New Yorkers who have difficulty trusting Angelo. Cookie decided to speak and announced that the Captain’s Ball will be replaced by People’s Ball during which New Yorkers will be invited. All are delighted, Angelo’s mother, Diana, much less. Meanwhile, Jamal repeats and Lucious does not lack threaten. Her little song remained in the craw of his father in Season 3 Empire . The producer also puts Cookie caution because Jamal could not assure the People’s Ball. This would endanger the Angelo campaign but also his relationship with his son. The plot of Cookie and Freda’s father seems to have gone by the wayside … and do not expect to see him back on the mat in the episode. Pity !
Later, Lucious made a deal with Diana . The producer must stop Mr. Cruz, a journalist, to tell truth about Angelo that would prevent him from becoming mayor. For its part, Diana will end the romance between Cookie and son in Season 3 Empire . While Jamal Cookie confiscates all medicines, Lucious meeting Cruz and the threat to its way with rap. The problem ? Angelo’s mother does not want to honor its market share because Cookie win points to his son. Lucious is furious but eventually admits he is pleased to have contributed to the campaign Angelo. You also find it suspicious? About Dre, he admitted to Nessa that he is bipolar. The singer says he will not do the same thing as Rhonda, it needs to control himself but will still remain at his side in Season 3 Empire . Bad news, FBI froze Cookie accounts, Lucious and employees of Empire, the producer decided to go to Tariq Office. It offers him the insignia of their father’s colleagues are shocked that Lucious police and Tariq are brothers . That may discredit the police … Well played Lucious! The People’s Ball, Jamal does not show, he is sick because it is missing. He begs his mother to give him his medication. Fortunately, Hakeem and Tiana, apparently back together, make the show.
For its part, Shine Empire offer to help by giving them money in exchange for a senior position in the company. That’s why he sent the video of Freda Nessa and the FBI in season 3 of Empire ! Meanwhile, Dre has a head to head with Rhonda . He promises to do what they started together, make Nessa’s biggest star for maximum power. It also promises to destroy Anika . Rhonda goes away then, probably forever … This scene we shot a few tears. What emotions! Jamal comes on stage and rips everything! So tell thee what Lucious? But if Jamal made a breathtaking performance, Cookie announces that he comes into rehab. As for Lucious, he has a little gift for Angelo Cruz! The journalist asked about the night he left a daughter die. Diana should have concluded its part of the deal! Finally, Andre Shine entrusts he knows that it is he who has worked with the FBI to freeze the accounts of Empire. Now the eldest son of Lucious has leverage to convince Shine of … wait for it … kill Lucious! That we did not see coming. If the episode was not as intense as one would have thought, the final twist is worthy of a Final Fall. We also note that Jamal back on stage was a real treat for the eyes and ears. We wait to see the rest! Meanwhile, discover what actress Pretty Little Liars joined the cast of the Empire Season 3 . And you, what did you think of the episode 9 of season 3 of Empire?