Empire season 3: Lucious and Andre threatened by Shine, what will happen next week on W9?

Cinema 7 July, 2017

Shine is determined to take revenge on Lucious and Andre! The latter are in great danger. But what will happen next week in Empire season 3?

Tonight, W9 was broadcasting the first four episodes of Empire’s Season 3. On this occasion Jamal’s interpreter, Jussie Smollett, tried to convince you to watch the new episodes. This new season of the musical show started very strong and promises to be absolutely breathtaking. In episode 4 of season 3 of Empire, Lucious and Andre teamed up to settle their accounts with Shine. As much to say that the confrontation was rather violent! The problem is that Shine is not the type to let go and will probably reply twice as hard. The revenge of the character of Xzibit will be terrible, Lucious and Andre should monitor their rear. In addition, Shine should soon learn that Dre is going out with her little protégée, Nessa. Not on him appreciates! But then, what will happen in the sequel of the episodes of the season 3 of Empire?

Next week on W9, expect explosive episodes! As expected, things will get worse for Lucious and Andre after their confrontation with Shine. The latter will not hesitate to threaten with a gun the eldest son of the Lyons! Meanwhile, Jamal will always be terrified to return on stage after Freda shot him. Thus, the singer will try to collaborate with his brother Hakeem to get rid of his demons. As for Cookie, she will be caught off guard at a routine meeting with her probation officer. This is not good for the matriarch Lyon in season 3 of Empire. That said, she could get help from Angelo! The love triangle between him, Lucious, Cookie will continue to evolve as Anika tries to get his share of the cake. Before knowing more from next Thursday evening on W9 from 9pm, discover also who could be devoted the spin-off of Empire!