Empire: To whom will the spin-off be devoted?

Cinema 20 January, 2017

While Empire Season 3 is currently paused, the arrival of a spin-off has been confirmed! To whom will it be consecrated?
Multiple possibilities! Recently, the network FOX formalized the renewal for an Empire Season 4, as well as the arrival of a spin-off! Until now, the rumor is insistent that this new series, which should see the light during the 2017/2018 serial season, is devoted to Cookie’s youth. The last episodes offered us many flashbacks showing us the adolescence of our heroine and it would not be uninteresting to discover more about her and especially to see the first years of her relationship with Lucious. Such a spin-off would teach us a lot about the two characters, which would also allow us to better understand them . However, this project may lack so much suspense and may tire the fans, perhaps even to the detriment of the mother series. That’s why we think the creator could create surprise by offering us a totally unexpected spin-off.
We would very much like to discover a spin-off devoted to Becky’s character. Tragically under-exploited in Empire , the young woman is not short of resources. Its future within the firm of Lyon seems on the line and it would be interesting to see it leave to better rebuild elsewhere . The actress does not lack talent and has the ability to illustrate as well in the genre of comedy as drama. Thus, the series could combine these genres and offer us something refreshing where many themes of society would be treated.
Cookie’s assistant is undoubtedly one of the comic springs of Empire and her absence would be damaging. Nevertheless, we imagine perfectly a pure comedy surrounding the character. Who would not like to see Porsha and some of her friends (as crazy as she) offer us a completely crazy road-trip? A kind of Very Bad Trip between girls? Such a series could be proposed during the hiatus winter or summer, which would allow the character to remain present with the Lyon the rest of the time.
By offering viewers a series devoted entirely to the last companion of Cookie is certainly surprised that dominate the community of fans Empire . Here, we would abandon the world of music in order to be interested in its Chicago policy. Angelo Dubois is a character with solid foundations. It would be fascinating to see him become mayor and discover the backstage of the city, as well as the politician shenanigans. Moreover, such a series could fit into reality and show us how an African-American mayor, running a city with one of the biggest African-American proposals in the United States, faces the decisions of The presidency of the United States . After two shows devoted to music ( Empire and Star ), Lee Daniels, the creator, might want to return to the political world, to which he was interested in making the film The Butler . While waiting to learn more about this future spin-off, find out when episode 10 of Empire’s Season 3 will air! What spin-off would you like to discover?