Endocrine disruptors : a report damning list the dangers to health and the environment

Health 2 February, 2018


Published the 02.02.2018 at 14: 50


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The endocrine disrupting chemicals (edcs) are chemicals that are foreign to the body that act on the hormonal system of many species, including humans. Likely to have adverse effects on health, they can also affect the growth, the development of the fetus, behavior, sleep, blood flow or sexual function and reproductive (including the quality of the sperm).

The French strategy was hailed, one of the EU expected

An evaluation report of the national strategy on endocrine disrupters was commissioned in August 2017 by the government was made in January by the general Inspectorate of social affairs (IGAS), the general Council of the environment and sustainable development and the general Council of food, agriculture and rural areas.

The World who has viewed the document reveals that the facilitators draw up a positive assessment of the action undertaken by the State in this area for 2014 : identification of the most harmful substances, investment in research, training of health professionals, assessment of the situation since the ban of Bisphenol A in 2015. But if progress has been observed, France needs to continue its actions. Last July, the ministries of Ecology and Agriculture have issued two lists of 1600 pesticides that may contain endocrine disruptors and on sale on the market.

Driving action at the european level, however, the Commission in particular Brussels, is limited : only Denmark and Sweden have committed an action. Overall, the european Union has developed no coherent strategy in place, then she is responsible for overseeing the chemical risk.

What is the impact on health ?

The report recalls that the PE are contained in many everyday consumer products and suspected to have affected a large number of people. The sources of population exposure to PE are generally water, food, air, and some industrial products such as medicines or cosmetics. Pesticides, solvents, or adhesives are for example endocrine disruptors. In addition, the text states that “the role of the PE is also suspected in the occurrence of certain hormone-related cancers, as well as cases of type 2 diabetes, obesity, or autism”.