Endocrine disruptors : the lists of 1 600 pesticides published

Health 18 July, 2017


Published the 18.07.2017 at 11h22


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The departments of Ecology and Agriculture have put online two lists of pesticides that may contain endocrine disruptors. More than 1 600 plant protection products are to be cited, and all are currently allowed to be placed on the market. But ministers warn that these lists are not exhaustive and can evolve in time. Certain pesticides or fungicides may be withdrawn while others may appear.

The online availability of these lists was a promise of Nicolas Hulot. The minister of ecological Transition and Solidarity was committed to make available to the public on July 4 when the adoption of the definition of endocrine disrupters prepared by the European Commission.

On this day, France has put an end to 4 years of opposition in Brussels. While the French government had always refused to accept the definitions proposed by the Commission as not sufficiently far-reaching, France is this time on the side of Germany and other european countries. The reason for this ? The Commission agreed to include the edcs suspected for their prohibition.
Only Sweden and Denmark have refused to adopt this definition. If the latter is adopted by the european Parliament, the list proposed by the government could evolve.

A definition controversial

If Nicolas Hulot has hailed a step forward, he acknowledged that the ” war ” against endocrine disruptors was not yet won. The Commission’s definition still contains the principle of exemption for pesticides acting on the arthropods (insects, arachnids, crustaceans, etc.). A provision denounced by the associations such as the Network environment santé (RES) who noted that the endocrine system of all these species is close to that of the man.