EnjoyPhoenix a great seductress?

Entertainment 25 January, 2017

And if the 21-year-old YouTube had finally a personality trait that one did not really suspect? We explain why!
After a busy start to the year, when Marie Lopez flew to Canada to meet the brand (MAC) with whom she was going to create her own lipstick, she went to Los Angeles For another project. EnjoyPhoenix who unveiled the scenes of his next creation has indeed been invited by the famous cosmetics brand Benefit in the City of Angels, to discover the products of the new collection, but also participate in an incredible evening. Balloons, pink wall, impressive scenery, the star of the net had shared with his fans, the exceptional celebration given by the brand. But this trip will also allow beauty consultant 2.0 to discover a trait of her personality then unsuspected.
It is on social networks, and more specifically his Instagram account , Mary Lopez has unveiled a trait that his fans could not imagine. Rather discreet about his love life, it would seem qu’EnjoyPhoenix, who took a radical decision , a seductress! How? In legend of his last photo posted, the net star added: “If you want to decrypt that your eyebrows say about you go do the test on the www.benefitbrowtranslator.com site and tell me in comments what you had as a result. My eyebrows say about me that I am a “seductress” haha! give it a try, ” she said. Thus, thanks to Benefit , Mary has discovered it could be a charmer with its … eyebrows! And you, what do your eyebrows say about you?
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