EnjoyPhoenix as a couple, did they move in together?

Entertainment 3 April, 2017

Since the YouTubeuse has found love, she spends most of her time alongside her boyfriend. But has the couple taken a new course?
It is no longer a secret for anyone, EnjoyPhoenix is ​​once again a couple . Yeah, after her last complicated relationship with Wartek, the one with a broken heart has finally found love again. And the least we can say is that her new companion whom she loves to call “cat” is everywhere. Indeed, if you follow the star of the net with attention on the social networks, you no doubt noticed how much Florian is present. Whether traveling or in his daily life, he is always with Marie Lopez . But then, would the couple have taken a new course in their relationship?
They are inseparable! What if they moved in together? In his latest VlogMars , EnjoyPhoenix often teased by his boyfriend , talks about his new haircut. And it is his boyfriend that we find by his side driving. Later in the video, Marie reveals the package sent by Netflix, where she explains the release of a new series. Naturally, the star of the net asks Florian “We look at her together tonight?” . You will understand, they spend most of their time glued to each other. So many small clues that leave us to think that the couple could probably live together . But to be clear, It will be necessary to wait until the YouTubeuse officially announces it on the Web. And you, do you think EnjoyPhoenix and Florian live together?