EnjoyPhoenix betrayed by one of her loved ones, she bursts into tears on Snapchat

Entertainment 22 June, 2017

It was literally crying that the subscribers discovered Marie Lopez on the social networks. Why ? EnjoyPhoenix would have been betrayed by one of his relatives.
Hard hard for the star of the net. While her life seems to be rather joyful, it still happens to Marie Lopez to have big depressions. Despite all the advantages of her job, the star of the net is not immune to unpleasant surprises, and once again, she has just paid the price . However, EnjoyPhoenix is ​​a generous YouTubeuse and had recently proved it by organizing a huge dressing-room in Paris, while paying the winnings of this event to an association. She says it herself, “I’m a heart of artichoke . ” As you can see, beauty consultant 2.0 admits to being a nice person, but it can sometimes turn against her, and that’s what happened a few days ago.
Very present on social networks, Marie Lopez shares everything with her subscribers. His holidays, his favorites, his adventures, and also but especially his work. She regularly takes a few precious minutes of her time to speak to her community when something bothered her. This time, it is not the physical complexes of EnjoyPhoenix but a betrayal coming from one of his relatives. The young woman, then in tears, recounted on the social network an episode that literally upset her: “I have not slept the night, I am really disgusted. I really have to learn to pay attention sometimes And that I stop giving my confidence all the time like that ” “She said before shedding a few tears. We hope, however, that she will soon recover from this annoyance, and that she will return to us in full form. And you what do you think ?