EnjoyPhoenix complexed by its physical?

Entertainment 28 May, 2017

In its latest video, the French YouTubeuse EnjoyPhoenix delivers to its subscribers its biggest physical complexes, and there is not one!
Not long ago, we wondered if EnjoyPhoenix had everything to be happy . Her work, her success, her couple, her friends, her trips to the four corners of the planet, Marie Lopez clearly has a life that makes you dream. But behind the paradisiacal side of its daily unveiled on the Web, hides a real suffering . And the star of the net had unveiled it in a video confession entitled “I’m sorry to have lied to you” . She explained to her fans that she was putting a lot of pressure on herself, that she was losing subscribers, or that her videos did not really correspond to her. But it seems that something else is bothering her, her physique.
Like many girls, Marie Lopez does not escape the rule of physical complexes. In her latest video, the beauty advisor 2.0 has indeed entrusted herself on what disturbs her most in her body. And it is thus that we learn that EnjoyPhoenix the collector of lipstick , hates her thighs, her cheeks or even her hair. One by one, she describes her complexes and what she does not like about her. Fortunately, the star of the net who owns an immense community, can find comfort with his fans, who have not hesitated to reassure her. “You are magnificent as you are Mary,” said one of the many comments. We also note that its subscribers were happy to find the EnjoyPhoenix of the beginnings .