EnjoyPhoenix gets a new creepy gift!

Entertainment 4 April, 2017

The YouTubeuse, EnjoyPhoenix, received a quite strange new gift. In a brand new video, the star wanted to share it with her Enjoyers …
Everything seems to be happening in EnjoyPhoenix’s life right now. Whether on a professional or personal level, the young woman seems to be satisfied. Whether between her vlogs or her travels for her new projects, Marie Lopez is by mounts and by vaux. The icing on the cake, the young woman has found love again. As a couple with Florian, EnjoyPhoenix seems more happy than ever and it’s fun to see. If celebrity has many advantages, it has some small drawbacks. In a brand new video, EnjoyPhoenix revealed that she had received a new, rather flippant present . Be careful, you’re not ready!
Last week, the series produced by Selena Gomez, 13 Reasons Why, arrived on Netflix . To promote the TV show, some influencers received a scary mobile phone To make shorts, the series highlights the suicide of a young high-school girl persecuted and who sent tapes to the people concerned (yes, it is a Little heavy, you are confirmed). It is therefore the portable of the said person that EnjoyPhoenix has received. She can therefore discover all the anguishing messages, photos or even recordings that are on it. Not very reassured , we hear EnjoyPhoenix say: “It’s bad, I feel too bad” . We agree with you Mary!