EnjoyPhoenix in couple with Florian and happier than ever?

Entertainment 22 March, 2017

The Youtubeuse EnjoyPhoenix has found love with Florian. The beautiful Marie Lopez seems more happy than ever ..
A few days ago, the Youtubeuse blew on her 22nd candle and we had to celebrate it in beauty. For her birthday, the editor of melty has revealed the 22 most famous phrases of EnjoyPhoenix . If the young woman wanted to thank her fans for their messages, she also had a very nice surprise from her boyfriend. Yes, if we do not know yet how long she is with Youtube Yookiz , we saw that the young man had prepared a beautiful cake for the birthday of Marie Lopez. In partnership with Florian, EnjoyPhoenix seems more happy than ever and it’s really fun to see!
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A nice gift for her beautiful!
The separation was painful for EnjoyPhoenix when she and Anil separated . Several rumors have been running over the young woman for several months. Some fans even thought that their idol was completely depressed. Obviously, this information must be taken very much. In any case, today, Marie Lopez seems more happy than ever. EnjoyPhoenix and Florian do not leave each other and travel the world together. Will he be present during his next trips to the United States? We’ll have to be patient to find out. Anyway, if you want more info about the new boyfriend of EnjoyPhoenix, the identity of his guy was unveiled. We wish them much