EnjoyPhoenix in Toronto for MAC, she reveals the behind the scenes of her new DINGUAL PROJECT

Entertainment 15 January, 2017

The youtubeuse always offers more surprises! EnjoyPhoenix is ​​currently in Toronto for MAC … The opportunity to reveal the behind the scenes of its new project DINGUAL

After YouTube, EnjoyPhoenix has unveiled its new project COMPLETELY DINGEN and you will say YES YES YES! The young woman is definitely full of surprises. She left a few days ago in Toronto (just that) for a collaboration with the famous brand of MAC cosmetics … To create her own lipstick! Yes, it’s totally crazy and for the occasion, EnjoyPhoenix booked a surprise to most fans. On the video you can find out just below the YouTuber Live goes behind the scenes of his new project and ALL the information to know ! If you are cocooning mode Sunday and you want to view more videos, you can also discover new interview with M. Pokora in TPMP, where he reveals his crush for Caroline! Do you look forward to discovering EnjoyPhoenix’s new lipstick?