EnjoyPhoenix, its very moving end clap for 2016

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

Before celebrating the New Year, the YouTubeuse wished to thank its 3 million fans on the Web, with a moving message.
First of all, Happy New Year 2017 to all of you, dear meltynautes . As you know, the stars took advantage of New Year’s Day to party, meet friends or stay with their family. But the side of EnjoyPhoenix, which stops not his career on YouTube , the time was rather the balance sheet and especially thanks. Indeed, on social networks, Marie Lopez has no less than 3.6 million subscribers , has decided to play the card of emotion and speak directly to his fans. On Instagram , the net star posted a very pretty picture with a moving story that totally upset his fans.
Before starting 2017 in style with new projects in spades, EnjoyPhoenix which is clashing violently , wanted to speak to her community. And here’s what we could read: “Clap end of 2016 ???? Again, I had a wonderful year, although each year to its moments of sadness, I always tried to make the I had the opportunity to travel: London, Rome, Barcelona, ​​India, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Berlin, and New York My second book came out, I was able to come and meet you In all of France, and I have lived so many beautiful things that a single Post Insta will never be enough.I will soon post you a video recapitulative on my channel! In the meantime, all my wishes of happiness, health and joy to you and your families! Thank you to accompany me and help me to grow, to achieve incredible things, and to develop myself for 5 years (almost 6) on YouTube ” , before ending with one: “I love you ♡” . And yes, we had told you, it’s a very nice message here. And what do you think of EnjoyPhoenix’s message?
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