EnjoyPhoenix offers a hilarious blooper to its fans

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

What better way to end the year 2016 than to offer a blooper to his community? Prepare to laugh!
Did you dream? EnjoyPhoenix did it. For this end of the year, the YouTube has hit hard. In order to thank her fans who are growing more and more (2.6 million on YouTube) Marie Lopez decided to make things big. For his final clap 2016 EnjoyPhoenix posted a moving message on Instagram to remind its subscribers oh how much they are precious to him. And the least that can be said is that the thanks she gave to her community were very touching. But that’s not all ! The star of the net wished to do one more gesture, and decided to gather all his video misses in the form of bloopers, a video that certainly risks to carton on the Web.
And yes, on its main chain EnjoyPhoenix Mary unveiled a video entitled “ENJOYPHOENIX AS YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN!” . You will have understood, it is a blooper bringing together all the couacs of the year 2016, and there is enough to do. Sometimes awkward, a little foolish and offbeat, Marie offers 5 minutes of pure happiness. And this good idea has brought him more than 350,000 views in just 24 hours, so it’s a full house. We do not know you, but we think we qu’EnjoyPhoenix not stop his career on YouTube anytime soon. And we hope that 2017 is also responsible for her than 2016. And you, did you enjoy the video EnjoyPhoenix?
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