EnjoyPhoenix panicked, his last message worries his fans

Entertainment 2 February, 2017

The YouTube has left a somewhat disturbing message on social networks, enough to sow panic in his community, we explain!
This is the first time that the star of the net Marie Lopez maddened the Web with a story that has nothing to do with his projects. Because since 2017, EnjoyPhoenix who took a radical decision , made about her for his many collaborations and new flowering prowess. So, having established its own lipstick alongside the famous MAC cosmetics brand, the pretty blonde of 21 years has hit the road to meet his fans for the signatures of his latest novel “Roads Book” . But there a few minutes, the beauty consultant 2.0 has posted a very disturbing message on social networks, users need to panic .
It was on his Twitter account that Mary has unveiled a rather disturbing post. As you can see, it says: “I just go home, mass firefighters and police officers to My neighbor was a victim of violence conjuguales towards the hospital. .” Indeed, we understand that the star Net did not remain marble in front of this dramatic situation, and seems totally panicked. The tweet of EnjoyPhoenix who confirmed his presence at melty Future Awards 2017 , has provoked strong reactions on the social network, and did not leave indifferent the community. It is thought that the sequence of events will certainly be relayed by the YouTubeuse on Snapchat, a case that we will follow very closely. And you what do you think ?
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