EnjoyPhoenix stops career on YouTube, its new surprising decision

Entertainment 31 December, 2016

In early December, Marie Lopez had announced on the radio to stop YouTube. Finally, she makes a new unexpected decision.
Remember, at the beginning of December, EnjoyPhoenix launched its crazy projects for Christmas . Indeed, she decided to resume her Vlogmas daily, in addition to the videos she posts on her main channel and on her chain of cooking. So it was to the delight of her fans that Marie filmed her adventures from day to day. Thus, all were able to follow the busy days of the star of the net: from her travels by car through her professional appointments, Marie revealed everything for a month. But one news in particular had frightened his community. Towards the middle of December, Enjoy announced micro Europe 1 that it intended well stop YouTube in a few years . An announcement that had made the buzz on the Web, and we understand why. However, it seems that Mary made a new decision quite surprising, you are told more.
Does she regret her decision only two weeks after announcing the news? It would seem that yes! In a new Vlogmas entitled ” I really stops YouTube” , EnjoyPhoenix who had health problems , finally relented. Thus, on its chain EnjoyVlogging , we learn that Mary will not stop his career on the net, and indeed the go! Good news for his fans who were worried. But why this sudden turnaround? Here’s what she says: “That does not mean that I stop videos and Youtube by 3-4 years, it is not at all what it means I keep youTube. I continue, I love to do that, I will continue until YouTube runs out of steam, stops, I’ll stop YouTube the day I will not take any more subscribers, here ” . Did Marie voluntarily make the buzz so that we talk about her on the Web? What do you think ?
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