EnjoyPhoenix takes a radical decision

Entertainment 8 January, 2017

The year 2017 is the year of change for the YouTubeuse who has decided to upset its habits, and to adopt new decisions.
2017 a busy year … twists ! Marie Lopez finished 2016 in beauty with two videos that have cardboard on the Web. Indeed, EnjoyPhoenix unveiled a hilarious blooper on its main chain which collected no less than 600,000 views in just days . Just after this real cardboard, the star of the net wished to thank his fans by posting a video of his best moments 2016. An idea that had touched his community, which also sent him a nice message. But today is the time for resolutions and change for this new year. The pretty blonde of 21 years has revealed to its subscribers a radical decision, we explain everything.
We imagined how EnjoyPhoenix could surprise us in 2017 , but did not expect that! In his last video posted on YouTube, entitled “Need for Change” , the net star tells his followers, what are its new resolutions for the coming year. Going to China for a whole month, doing sports … But that’s not all! So, with great hesitation, the YouTubeuse explained that she had decided to stop using meat at all and become a vegetarian. “It’s a tough decision for me because I do not really like meat, so I figured, why not stop it altogether?” “She commented. She nevertheless warns her fans that it is a carefully considered choice and that in no case should they do like her. This radical decision would be motivated by a desire to be greener towards the planet, and because it also loves animals. For this unexpected resolution, we say bravo! And you, what do you think of EnjoPhoenix’s decision?
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