EnjoyPhoenix: Tears, joy, surprises, she unveils her best moments 2016

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

After unveiling a hilarious blooper, the YouTubeuse is back with a video emotion, which regroups its most beautiful moments of 2016.
One year summarized in 14 minutes of video! EnjoyPhoenix has not yet announced its many projects for the new year but we imagined it could prepare in 2017 . Even though the month of December, and therefore the Vlogmas, are well and truly over, Mary continues to publish videos related to last year. After a hilarious blooper that left more than 600,000 views in just four days , the net star is back with a new video that should appeal to its 2.6 million subscribers . Yes, Enjoy unveiled on its main channel, its best moments of the year 2016, and be careful you may be moved (or not).
Posted in the day, his first video of 2017 entitled “My best moments in 2016” , is more than 140,000 views. A figure that certainly announces a new cardboard and for good reason. In this video, Marie described with great emotion, moments that have most marked the year 2016. EnjoyPhoenix, which ignited Twitter begins with: “I wanted to make a summary of my year, and I wanted to thank you, for everything I have done, thanks to you ” before moving to the enumeration of all his projects, and you will see that they are many: the tour of Dancing with the stars 6 , his show Soy Luna Mag , his trip to India with his father, his understudy in the Pixar animated film, its stake in Fort Boyard, and of course the release of his second novel “Roads book” … All Is summarized in 14 minutes, with a lot of joy, surprises and emotion. And you, what do you think of the EnjoyPhoenix video?
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