EnjoyPhoenix: The moving tribute of his fans on the Web

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

The YouTubeuse never forgets to thank its fans on the social networks or in its videos. But this time, it is the turn of his community to pay him a beautiful homage.
Attention, emotion moment! A love rain has hit the net star for the end of 2016. After unveiling a hilarious blooper, EnjoyPhoenix offered its fans, a video which included his best times of the year that has just Flow. His tour of Dancing with the Stars 6 through its passage in Fort Boyard Marie Lopez returns one by one her fondest memories. And this video, which counts more than 300 000 views in only 24H, seems to have made fly in his great community. Indeed, affected by the idea, his fans have decided to return the favor by making it a beautiful tribute , what make us a little excited.
It was on Twitter that this tribute was circulated. Indeed, several subscribers have decided to thank in turn the YouTubeuse, for the year they have just spent in his company. “Thanks for all the love that thou hast sent through your videos” , “It’s been 4 years that I am you, I see your evolution and it’s better and better” , “We wanted to thank you for this great year and we hope all your plans will succeed in 2017 ” , here are the video messages that fans sent the star of the net with love. Moreover, EnjoyPhoenix that could prepare us nice surprises in 2017 , did not hesitate to retweet the video on his account, and seems to be very moved by this tribute. And you, what do you think of this homage?
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