EnjoyPhoenix, uncomfortable in front of his old videos?

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

When EnjoyPhoenix decides to watch its old videos, it does not go you, hard on the critics. Would she be uncomfortable?
As a general rule, when you think back to the past, you feel a certain wave of nostalgia. But for the YouTubeuse, it’s another story. Indeed, the last idea of ​​Marie Lopez, was to watch his oldest videos. Remember, EnjoyPhoenix who took a radical decision , began his job on the net around the age of 16-17 years. You will understand, it is therefore very young that the beauty advisor has launched on the Web, and today has the success we know. Today, she decides to plunge back into the past and reacted violently to her image of the time. For the least that can be said is that when Mary looks at her old videos, it’s shock. Yes, she can not get over it and does not hesitate to tackle herself!
Nearly 500,000 views within hours. Entitled “I CHANGED? REACTION TO MY OLD VIDEOS!” posted and there is little on its main chain , the last video of Mary already a huge success. It must be said that this subject is worth the detour. For several minutes, the star of the net critically reviews her old videos, whether it is alongside her sister in the “Sister Tag”, her advice fashion and beauty for the return … Everything happens. And the YouTubeuse does not go dead on the remarks. “It’s a big fail” , “I say anything” or “I am ashamed” Does one could hear in his latest video. EnjoyPhoenix, who unveiled his new crazy project for 2017 is still a full house on the Web to subscribers. And what do you think of the latest EnjoyPhoenix video?
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