EnjoyPhoenix violently clash, she answers

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

EnjoyPhoenix was fed up with being clashed and just pushed a big mouth via a vlog. Immediately discover the reasons!
EnjoyPhoenix is ​​one of the most popular YouTubeuses in France. It has over 2.6 million subscribers to his channel YouTube and do not even realize his followers on social networks. However, EnjoyPhoenix who recently announced she would leave YouTube, not just friends and she has just been violently clashée. The reason is quite surprising since people were violently bitter about it simply because she would travel to the Convention on the Reign series . Judged not enough fan of the series, the haters insulted it in comments of his video and told him that she did not deserve to be invited to the convention that will take place next January … Is this a reason Legitimate insult? Absolutely not, in any case, EnjoyPhoenix answered his haters video …
Marie Lopez was very upset and decided to share a video “rant” to meet its haters who insulted her. In a new vlog about ten minutes, EnjoyPhoenix shared his incomprehension at such hatred. She is really a fan of the Reign series and reported that she would share her experience with her fans via videos. And so much the better for her if she has the opportunity to go there, she does no harm to anyone. She has millions of fans who follow her but also to the right to be a fan of someone or series … it’s like everyone and happily! EnjoyPhoenix wanted to convey this message and above all show that hatred is useless. If she wants to go she will go and she is quite right not to deprive herself. While waiting to learn more, see if you are addicted to the latest videos of EnjoyPhoenix! What do you think of his vlog?
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