EnjoyPhoenix: What does it prepare for 2017?

Entertainment 3 January, 2017

Unexpected new collaboration? A third book? But what about EnjoyPhoenix in 2017? That is the question !
Difficult to summarize in a few words the year 2016 of the star of the net as there have been events in his life. Because the more time passes and the more YouTubeuse sees its popularity climb, and the projects multiply. Beyond breaking records on the Web, with its 3.6 million subscribers on Instagram and more than 900,000 on Twitter , Marie Lopez also a hit in bookstores. Indeed, his last novel entitled “Routes Book” has undoubtedly sold like hotcakes. It is clear, everything seems to succeed to the pretty blonde of 21 years. 2016 was a busy year, and its end clap, EnjoyPhoenix did not fail to thank her fans as it should be on social networks. But the question we ask today is all: we she reserves for 2017? The editor imagined projects for her.
Good day my kittens ♡ ????
After having lent his voice in Pixar , after writing a second book, work with a brand of ready-to-wear, roam the cities around the world, signing partnerships with numerous brands of cosmetics, having been host to Disney Channel , that could make the YouTuber in 2017? Contrary to what it had announced at the microphone of Europe 1, EnjoyPhoenix who wanted to end his career on YouTube has quickly change your mind. And in 2017, Marie Lopez could still surprise us. To make the TV, it is not really his thing, but the Vlogs and the tutos yes! One can imagine that his chain EnjoyVlogging will continue for more, just like the video on its main chain. But one of the projects that could well see the light of day, would probably be its own brand of makeup, or a third novel. A participation in a new TV show? Or the desire to develop even more abroad? With EnjoyPhoenix everything is possible! And you what do you think ?
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