Estelle Denis, Nagui, Dominique Farrugia, Arthur .. all orphans Gotlib

Entertainment 5 December, 2016

The announcement Sunday of Gotlib’s death plunged all his fans in an infinite sadness. Many personalities have paid tribute to this genius designer who inspired and laugh so many people.

gotlibHeading to Brac, the Dingodossiers, Gay Tomboy … The comics Gotlib did laugh out loud several generations of children. His work is a classic of 7 e Art and has initiated many readers to the absurd and hilarious humor . Reading gags designed by Gotlib built many comedians alongside Raymond Devos, Pierre Desproges, or Coluche Dummies. They have made a career in humor or not, many fans of the designer is paying homage to him after learning of his death Sunday.
The staff is more probably the message of Gregory Margotton, sports journalist of TF1, which honored the memory of the grandfather of his children. It was indeed married to the daughter of Gotlib and had two children with her. ” Marcel is dead. It was a fucking genius and a holy grandfather , “he has said. Estelle Denis on his side posted with a photo of a Heading to Brac : ” I laughed so hard reading the Heading to Brac Gotlib … Sadness learn #malecturedusoir his death today .”
Arthur, who makes comedy shows when not animates TF1 emissions, wrote: ” 2016 year to dirty my youth. So many memories and laughter stashed under my duvet reading his comics. #Gotlib “. Nagui, another leader not without humor, said: ” An immense sadness Marcel Gotlib left laugh paradise I kiss my master (70) # respect your genius Ladybug whining .” Philippe Vandel posted: ” Immensely touched by the death of Marcel # Gotlib . A friend and especially a genius. Thinking of his family “while Dominique Farrugia shared a simple” goodbye Marcel “accompanied a photo of Blank, time Nowhere else surrounding Gotlib on the set of their JTN . Bruno Guillon was moved: “T u made me discover the humor and the second degree … How sad! Adieu Marcel # MaîtreAPenser “. As for Nathalie Ianetta she thought associated with the pain of the family Gotlib: ” Marcel #Gotlib, brilliant creator was a single man. Marcel thank you. Ariane infinite tenderness, Marius, Nathan and Eve . “