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Entertainment 16 January, 2018


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A 51-year-old Estelle Lefébure has had several beautiful love stories. His son, Giuliano, is also the fruit of her union with Pascal Ramette, a conservator recognized in Saint-Barth.

After two long stories, romantic, and passionate – alongside David Hallyday between 1988 and 2001 and then with Arthur for eight years – Estelle Lefebure had found love in the arms of Pascal Ramette. A little boy named Giuliano is even born of their union on 29 November 2010. But after more than four years of courtship, the couple separated. A break difficult for the former model, who has always kept smiling despite the disappointment : “Each experience is beautiful, she had confided during the show Tea or Coffee on France 2 in march 2015. It is a time of his life important. It grows from failure to failure”.

Pascal Ramette is the owner of several restaurants, including New York and also Saint-Barth. Its establishment, The Pacri is located in the hotel Manapany in front of the beach of Anse des Cayes. And if he opened this restaurant in December 2011 on this island, this is not a coincidence : his family was also installed, as indicated by Estelle Lefébure in the columns of the magazine Paris Match : “It is also found that the family of the father of my little boy lives there “, could we read. The family, a very important value to Pascal Ramette. On his Twitter account, the man defines himself as ” a father of a family filled (…) who loves life, food and his family. “

Today, if Estelle Lefébure seems to have turned the page of these three ruptures in love with, the one who has written two books prefers to devote himself to the education of her children, Ilona, Emma, and the little Giuliano. But it remains open and ready to relive the great love “. (She, 2013)

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